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It is on very rare occasion that you are presented with a game so demented and so tasteless, that it's actually strangely enjoyable. Revenge of the Sunfish, created by Jacob Buczynski, is one such game. I usually abhor journalists who use the line "It's like 'x' on acid!" when reviewing films or television shows. However, with this game's psychedelic visuals (crudely drawn in MS Paint) and lack of coherency, it would be fitting to say that it's like Fear and Loathing on acid! Well, on more acid. Revenge of the Sunfish is set in a peaceful galaxy which has come under attack from (you guessed it) Sunfish. You are the unexplained hero who must thwart their evil plans and save the galaxy. Doesn't sound too insane? When you start the first level, notice the appalling graphics, grating music, and lack of character animation. You will probably think to yourself: Fantastic, another uninspired ten year old got their hands on The Game Factory. Upon reaching the second level, you will probably start to think this ten year old is particularly disturbed and may question his parenting. After that, you will realize this game was merely created for the author's own odd amusement. If you're like me, you will find yourself laughing at the over the top cartoon violence, disturbing images, and its lack of structured gameplay. It appears that the author's goal is to both amuse and shock. I don't want to spoil the entire experience for you, but some of the more outlandish moments in this game involve eating dirt and pleasuring your keyboard to the sweet sounds of Hot Chocolate's hit, You Sexy Thing. Yet there are fleeting moments where it nearly resembles a solid platformer or arcade game, serving as indicators to the author's ability to write games. Although I enjoyed the prevalent twisted humor, this game clearly isn't for everyone. I can imagine some people will be aggravated by its seemingly sloppy design, while others will simply not "get" the purpose of such a game. More than likely, you will only play it once and possibly pass it on to friends to get their reaction. Keep children away though, unless you want them huddled in a corner, pale, and shaking whilst listening to the Lion King soundtrack.

You (Player)


The main character/player looks like and alien with brown haircut, knife, and a transition color of green and blue for it's skin appearance. It has no animation when attempted to move or be controlled. Instead it faces the direction the character is given. In the 3rd level, he is given flying powers. Later on in the game, he loses the flying skill and is given a flame thrower, but he doesn't get one. The developer states that these were made by using the MS Paint like almost every person on earth.

Sunfish Tweaks

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